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Hoops, Studs Or Drop Earrings – Which Will Suit You Better?

Earrings have a long history in human development and were initially worn to protect people from bad vibes and seasickness. Some even believed that earrings represent some kind of talisman. However, in Ancient Rome, earrings were only worn by slaves, and in Ancient Greece, by certain prostitutes. In any case, it is obvious that earrings are here to stay, and it's no wonder new earring trends are appearing every season.

Today, earrings represent a crucial element of almost any outfit and can be found in various sizes, styles, and materials. However, it might be complicated for you to decide on the right design and which pair is universal for every outfit.

So, if you are thinking about whether to choose hoops, studs or drop earrings, check out the following text, which will help you make the right decision.

Choosing the Right Pair

A couple of factors can help you decide which design would suit you best, including the workplace (the occasion and outfit), the shape of your face, and your hairstyle.


If you want to aim at an authoritative look, choose classic golden earrings. For instance, those working in conservative offices should wear a traditional set, meaning it would be best to away hoop or dangly earrings. So, if you are working in finance or law, avoid wearing larger earrings. Outside work, it doesn't matter which size or style you wear. Try to loosen up in your free time and wear playful sets.

The Shape of Your Face

Narrow Face

A narrow face is characterized by long and slim features meaning that the jaw, forehead, and cheeks are about the same width. In this case, you'll want to emphasize the width of the entire face to make it look fuller.

Best Choices:

  • Long round shaped dangling earrings
  • Gemstone and pearl clusters
  • Button earrings ( round, gemstone, pear) or button earrings
  • To add softness choose short dangling earrings
Long round shaped dangling earrings

Round Face

Wide cheeks characterize a round face and if you have no taper to the chin. Avoid larger-sized circular earrings, including hoops and studs, as they can emphasize the roundness of your face. Also, try to avoid drop-dangling earrings. You'd want to wear earrings that will elongate your face making it look slimmer.

Best Choices:

  • Long dangling earrings
  • Earrings that have a cascade of gemstones
  • Teardrop earrings

Diamond Face

A diamond face is characterized by very prominent cheekbones with a narrow chin and forehead area. So, let's emphasize those cheekbones.

Best Choices:

  • Curving shaped long, dangling earrings
  • Chandelier earrings
  • Long earrings

Make sure to avoid diamond-shaped earrings as they don't harmonize with your face shape properly because of prominent cheekbones.

Long Round-shaped Teggy Earrings


Heart Face

A heart face is characterized by a narrow chin that gets gradually wider, while the forehead is the widest area.

In order to accentuate a heart-shaped face, we'll want to soften the look of your chin.

Best Choices:

  • Softly shaped long earrings
  • Chandelier ornate earrings
  • Long teardrops (diamond, metal, and gemstone styles)

Your Hairstyle


For those that plan on wearing updo hairstyles, it's important to accentuate that your hair is not framing your face meaning you'll need earrings that will. The best choice when it comes to earrings that will surely frame your face are dangles that will elongate it and draw the eyes towards and upwards the face. Additionally, dangles are very versatile, meaning you can easily find the right pair for almost every style and event.

Dangle Earrings


High Updo

High updos include high ponytails or topknots, meaning you should choose a unique pair of earrings as you'll want to draw full attention to your face, especially cheekbones. Go for delicate strand earrings and dangles while keeping it very bold but simple.

Hair Down

The best choice for a hair down style is plain cluster earrings. Luckily, clusters are frequently made in a wide range of various materials and stones. Avoid dangle earrings as hair can get tangled up in them. However, flower clusters are an excellent choice.

Ponytails and Braids

If you opt-out for wearing ponytails or braids, you'll be glad to hear that every style will do, including statement hoop earrings, studs or drop earrings, teardrops, and chandeliers, as long as the decided pair doesn't get tangled up in the hair.

Vibrant Hoops


A Bun

Wearing a bun is a great sophisticated and elegant statement that should definitely match your earrings. Go for delicate dropper earrings as long as you make sure they are smaller sized, especially if you have loose strands.

Half-up styles: If you plan on wearing a half-up hairstyle, go for simple studs or don't even wear earrings as the hairstyle itself is bold enough.

Short Hair

Short hair is often difficult to style in many different ways.

There are a couple of factors you need to consider, including your face shape, hair color and texture, and ears. Avoid wearing bigger, bulkier pieces.

Best Choices:

  • All kinds of hoops 
  • Plain and simple stud earrings
Stud Earrings

Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Asymmetrical hairstyles, especially when short, cover one side of the face more than the other. We advise wearing bold and unique earrings like studs, danglers, or even pearl drops. Asymmetrical hairstyles allow you to wear any kind of earrings, and you don't need to worry that your hair will get tangled up somewhere.


Earrings are a crucial part of almost any outfit, meaning you should take enough time to match your outfit, hairstyle, and the shape of your face. Don't make the very usual mistake of not taking enough time to check out a couple of styles. Hoops, studs, or drop earrings are all different, especially when it comes to accentuating certain facial features.

When buying or ordering the desired set of earrings, make sure to check out all available options (sizes, styles, and designs) before making the final decision. Also, be careful, especially when buying demi fine jewelry online. Always buy jewelry from a certified firm to avoid low quality and inauthentic pieces.

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