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10 Types Of Earrings Every Woman Should Have

10 Types Of Earrings Every Woman Should Have

Wearing earrings every day is a fantastic way to complement your outfit. They add glamour, elegance, and style and can be worn on any occasion. The various shapes, sizes, colors, materials they are made from, make wearing earrings a pure art. It is up to you to choose the pair that will help you express yourself. If you have a perfect outfit to wear to a certain occasion, never forget to match it with earrings, as you will be missing out a lot. The full potential of your outfit is only unlocked with the right pair of earrings.

Stud earrings

These earrings are small and perfect for almost any occasion. Perfect for everyday wear, they are embedded usually with a single gemstone or a pearl. They are easy to wear, and you can combine them with casual clothes easily. This makes them ideal for wearing from morning until evening. If they have a diamond embedded, they can transform into elegant earrings easily. Whether you are going to the gym, grocery store, or having a cup of coffee with friends, stud earrings will match your outfit.

Drop earrings

Did you know that drop earrings used to be called dormeuse earrings as women wore them to bed to keep the earlobe hole from closing during the night? This was during the reign of Queen Victoria. Nowadays, they make a perfect fit for the second and third holes in piercings. People often mix them with dangle earrings, but drop earrings do not move or move just a bit when you move your head. They are a perfect choice for a business meeting, but also for lunch with your friends. Rest assured that they will add glamour to your outfit, but on the other hand they are not statement earrings, so you can wear them without fear of attracting too much attention. 

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings are similar to drop earrings, except that these earrings dangle freely. They can be of different lengths depending on your choice. Dangle earrings will fit the person with a round face the best. You can wear them with a long or short dress for any occasion. They will be the perfect choice for a night out in the club or a cocktail party. Choose the length, color, and shape of your dangle earring and the party can start, as they will complement your outfit in a great way.

Hoop earrings

Hoops have been around for centuries, but they reached the peak of their popularity in the 90s. Now, the trend is back again and hoops are quite popular. And how they could not be since you can combine them with any type of outfit, wear them on any occasion, and choose from plenty of different colors and sizes. Wear smaller hoops to work or lunch, and wear larger hoops to a party or casual coffee with friends. They will go great with a white t-shirt and denim jeans. Statement hoop earrings have a way of emphasizing one`s jaw, so don`t hesitate to wear them on any occasion. 


Huggies like their name suggest hugging your ear. They come in many shapes. You can choose between round, oval, square, or heart shapes. Furthermore, you can choose from gold, diamond, enamel on gold, and other styles. As far as suitable occasions are concerned you can wear them everywhere. They will complement your outfit perfectly. Also, they are great if you have multiple piercings on your ear.

Cluster earrings

Cluster earrings should be your first choice if you want to look dainty and unique. People sometimes mistake them for stud earrings. However, stud earrings are made from a single gemstone or diamond. Cluster earrings, on the other hand, are made from diamonds or gemstones that are grouped. Earrings can have the same pattern of cluster or a different one, making them even more interesting. Choose cluster earrings in your favorite color, match them with the outfit of the day, and wear them to the first special occasion you have. 


Clip earrings

You can wear earrings even without having your ears pierced. If you don`t want to pierce your ears for any reason, you should add some clip earrings to your accessory. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can just choose the pair you like best. Wear them on any occasion, be it formal or informal. They will look great on you at a wedding, but also on your way to the grocery store.

Birthstone earrings

You can choose to wear a pair of earrings that consist of a gemstone that belongs to the month you were born in. Of course, you can wear any type of gemstone you like, but they will still be called birthstone earrings. 


A pair of diamond or pearl earrings is a must-have

Every woman should have a pair of either diamond or pearl earrings as part of their accessory. These earrings can not only complement your outfit but can also uplift your confidence. You can wear them to any special occasion, and you can rest assured that you have made the right move by wearing a diamond or pearl earrings. Elegance is never out of style, so don`t be afraid to wear these earrings anywhere.

Odd earrings

Every woman should have a pair of odd earrings that she will wear just for fun. These can be in the form of an animal, flower, or feather. Or you can wear a pair of earrings that are oversized, or bright in color. These statement earrings will draw attention, but that is the point. Have fun wearing earrings, express your personality through them, and enjoy this great conversation starter. Earrings have been a way of expressing ourselves for centuries, and not having fun wearing them means we have yet to relax completely.



We have seen some of the different types of earrings that every woman should have. Although it may seem like a lot, there are just a few pairs of earrings that you can wear on every occasion. Whether you choose hoops, studs, oversized earrings, or diamond ones, make sure to enjoy the process of selecting and matching these beautiful pieces of women's designer jewelry to your outfit.

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