Jewelry Styling Tips – A Complete Guide

Jewelry Styling Tips – A Complete Guide

Stylists, fashionistas, superstars, and us regular folks have something in common – we’re all a sucker for a fine piece of jewelry. When it comes to styling it, however, some are more experienced than others. If you’re new to styling your jewelry, we’ve got you. Sometimes, it’s more about combining something than choosing that one piece of jewelry to make the impression. Other times, that statement piece will do wonders for you. The fashion world gives us more freedom than ever before, making it much easier to express ourselves through clothing, makeup, and accessories. While there is no magic formula you can follow to style your jewelry, there are some guidelines to help you recognize your style and learn how to make the best out of it – and the following text will help you do that.

Follow a particular style or mix it up

Nowadays, it’s more common to see mixed metals and different styles combines perfectly together. Choosing a particular style comes down to personal preferences but in general, you’ll go for one of the two options: staying faithful to one style or mixing two or more. Sometimes, you’ll want to wear your diamond studs with a diamond necklace and keep it all in the same family. But on other occasions, you may feel like wearing something vintage with another contemporary piece, and that’s just fine! Have some fun and take the time to understand which style you like and find a way to keep all of your jewelry pieces in harmony. You can try on some outfits and see how different pieces of your jewelry collection work with that clothing combo. Of course, getting new jewelry pieces is never a bad idea.

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Don’t forget that fab outfit

When it comes to styling, you want to make the whole look balanced, and that’s not just about clothes. While you may have that fabulous outfit figured out, getting the style right also means creating harmony between your clothes and jewelry. Accessories are what make the whole look come together and stand out. There are two options when it comes to balancing accessory pieces with clothes, and they’re quite similar to those you use when combining several pieces of jewelry: either to match or contrast. If you decide to match that fab outfit, then you’ll want to go with something similar in style or color that will not stand up too much. On the other hand, highlighting your outfit may require a piece of totally contrasting jewelry that often becomes a statement piece. For you to figure out which option to go for, consider a focal point. What that means is to choose what you want to stand out the most and style with that idea in mind. For example, if you have a colorful floral high-neck dress, you’ll probably want it to be a focal point, so you’ll stay away from statement jewelry pieces. Or, you may feel like wearing a little black dress but go for a necklace in maximalist style. Carefully chosen accessories can really elevate your look, so try different options to find the best one.

Match the occasion

Your choice of accessories can also be affected by the occasion. Perhaps you’re getting ready for an elegant party where a dress code is required, which will impact your overall outfit. In case you’re meeting girls for brunch, you’ll use a whole different approach to style your jewelry. Your job may give you the freedom to express your personality completely or quite the opposite – it may require discreet and monotone clothing. Matching the occasion is not a strict rule or one that’s set in stone, but it will certainly help you decide whether to go for a grand fabulous piece or wear a simple piece of jewelry instead.  With all that in mind, you can have an extensive jewelry collection and choose pieces you prefer for each moment. It’s perfectly fine to love many different styles and pick one depending on the occasion or depending on how you feel.

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Details make the difference

Have you ever wondered why a jewelry piece looks great on someone while you’re not so thrilled once it’s on you? Chances are the details are the reason and what is meant by that is everything that affects your jewelry – the color of your hair, the undertone of your skin, the pattern or color of your clothing, etc. Jewelry is the highlight of your look and it adds that personal accent allowing you to create a unique style. To make it truly personal, consider all the details mentioned above to figure out what looks good on you and more importantly, what makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Mix carefully

Luckily, humanity has left the idea of matchy-matchy metals behind. While it’s okay to have all your silvers, golds, and rose golds together, do put some thought into it. What do we mean by that? Try to go big when it comes to mixing metals or completely skip it – have all of your pieces mixed but skip having the entire gold set with only one independent silver piece.

Personalize jewelry to reflect your taste

Eventually, the most important tip on styling is to listen to your inner self, use women's designer jewelry to express your personality, and be you! Nickho Rey is all about being who you are and enjoying each piece of jewelry just the way you like it. If you like mixing styles and shapes, go for it! If you want to wear a mismatched set, we’ve got your back! If you prefer to wear several necklaces at once, go to town on it! Ditching all the rules and listening to your personal style is the oldest trick that still works and it’s the ultimate way to style your jewelry. To help you explore and put your new knowledge to practice, check out some of our collections − Casual Glamour, Statement Pieces, or Layered Chains.

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