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What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

If you heard of the term demi-fine jewelry and aren't sure what it represents, please check out the following text. Demi-fine jewelry presents the most refined pieces of modern jewelry crafted out of silver ( usually gold plated) and reasonably priced gemstones. It was designed to meet the gap between luxurious and high street jewelry.

The Story Behind Demi-Fine Jewelry

Luckily, the global market is constantly evolving and producing various options in almost every industrial branch known to the modern man. Almost every business strives to meet and satisfy the customer's demands, and fashion is no exception, although it took a while for the fashion industry to catch up. There is a wide range of options suited for almost every budget concerning jewelry and accessories. Accordingly, high street jewelry does not stand for high-quality items and will most likely last for a season, but you can get a significant number of pieces for a few bucks.

Demi Fine Jewelry

On the other hand, the most delicate pieces of high-quality jewelry crafted out of the most precious metals are more expensive and unreachable for an average working (wo)man. Demi-fine jewelry created a market for accessible quality jewelry by using semi-precious stones and metals like gold-plated silver. Most "heads" in this specific niche describe demi-fine jewelry as a method of self-gifting. It is designed to fit the needs of women in their 20s and 30s. The 21 st century completely shifted the focus from shoes and bags to jewelry, allowing the market to revolve around something innovative. No wonder that the demi-fine customer is described as someone looking for newness in pieces. The demi-fine category of jewelry provides the buyer elevation of the everyday look without spending thousands of dollars on high-quality pieces.

Consumers of Demi-Fine Jewelry

As mentioned before, demi-fine jewelry is designed for women in their 20s and 30s that value high-quality, fashionable pieces of jewelry purchasable for reasonable prices. Although luxurious pieces come with very hefty price tags, demi-fine jewelry was designed as a new branch of moderately priced jewelry and accessories.

Is it Compromising Quality?

Now, there is no need to worry when it comes to quality. Yes, demi-fine jewelry indeed differentiates the pieces from luxurious items. However, the demi-fine jewelry is made out of metals like gold plated silver, gold vermeil, and semi-precious gemstone. The most common versions include pieces made out of 14k gold, silver, and rhodium (which is corrosion repellent) or gold vermeil and gold-plated silver. All of these materials are pretty durable and add to the lasting and quality of the pieces. Additionally, demi-fine jewelry even blends precious and semi-precious gems like turquoise, amethyst, rose quartz, etc.

Demi-Fine Jewelry Care?

Most potential buyers are worried about how long the pieces will last and how to take proper care of them. When it comes to durability, the better you care for the jewelry, the longer it will last. One of the main concerns includes the worry that the plating will wear off or the piece will discolor over time. Luckily, following the common tips and taking proper care will keep your jewelry completely intact as long as you buy the pieces from a certified firm. Please do not use any perfumes or lotions that contain various chemicals, as they can significantly influence the discoloration of the pieces.

If, by any chance, these chemicals come to contact with the jewelry pieces, clean them gently with a specially designed polish cloth. Keep in mind truly demi-fine jewelry should not fade or leave any stains like costume jewelry.


There is no universal pricing system regarding demi-fine jewelry.
It mainly depends on the company s policy and the quality of the materials and gems. Essentially, prices start from about 100 $ for a set of earrings. Some specially crafted designs cost up to a couple of hundreds of $.

What if my Jewelry Wears off over Time?

Gold jewelry that wears off over time, but there is no need for despair. A gold or silver polishing cloth will usually do the job and bring the pieces into the original state. If that doesn't happen, a jeweler will probably be able to help.

Nickho Rey Jewelry Earrings

Choose a Trusted Brand

In order to avoid "shady" pieces, make sure you choose a trusted company. Luckily, there is a wide range of options and brands available online. Explore the pieces you wish to purchase and check out the user reviews. Take a look at Nickho Rey online shop where you can find timeless pieces of jewelry.

Unfortunately, there is a bunch of disreputable companies online. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, so make sure you do your research before buying.


In general, demi-fine jewelry presents refined jewelry pieces crafted out of primarily gold-plated silver and reasonably priced gemstones. It was designed to meet ends in between high-quality jewelry and costume jewelry. Although the fashion industry needed some time to evolve and produce various alternatives to overpriced luxurious jewelry pieces, the time has finally come.

Demi-fine jewelry is suited for women aged from 20 to 30 years, but there are exceptions. Actually, this specific branch of jewelry is suited for all of us that value quality, elegance, and style at moderate prices. If you are thinking about purchasing a demi-fine jewelry piece, make sure to explore all of the options and do a background check on the brand you plan on purchasing from.

Keep in mind the internet allows a lot of shady companies to sell their "jewelry" pieces online, which are actually considered more expensive "costume" jewelry.
When it comes to taking care of your jewelry, avoid any perfumes and chemicals that might influence the texture and the color. If some discoloration appears, a gold or silver polishing cloth will probably do the trick. In case the cloth doesn't help, take the piece to an experienced jeweler.

March 18, 2021 by Marketing Originet

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