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Finding the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

Like specific hairstyles only fit certain face shapes, the same goes for finding the right kind of earrings depending on your facial characteristics and multiple other factors.

Picking out the wrong type of jewelry can harm your look and make you feel unpleasant instead of being beneficial-the main reason you should be picky while finding the perfect set of earrings.

There are a couple of factors which can help you decide, instead of just going for taste. If you consider buying some particular earrings and aren't sure whether or not they will fit your face shape, read the following text.

Round Shape

A round shape face contains some universal characteristic, including: your face is wide in the cheekbones area with no narrowing part towards your chin. Here, it's essential to narrow your face instead of widening it.

The most common advice is to avoid round-shaped earrings since you want to lengthen your face by opting out for longer earring styles, creating a narrower and longer look.

Drop Earrings Nickho Rey

Stay away from earrings that tend to accentuate width; you don't need that. Choosing drop earrings will definitely make your face look slimmer.

Oval Shape

If you posses an oval-shaped face, you're in luck when it comes to earrings. Surveys state that this face shape is best for all earring types.

However, try to avoid drops since you don't need further elongation, although the oval shape is quite versatile. Try studs or hoops since they look splendid on an oval face. Also, we recommend trying out triangular earrings since they will undoubtedly stand out.

Diamond Shape

Diamond-shaped faces possess strong cheekbones, while the eyes being the widest part of the entire face and the forehead, mirrors the chin. What you need to do is balance the angles, which can get quite tricky. Mostly this type of face tends to be longer. Try wearing studs that are closer to the ear, sleek pieces with no sharp endings, or even chandelier earrings that work in terms of flatting the face. If you want to keep it simple, choose tiny pearls, as they will always do the trick.

Heart Shape

If you own a narrow chin and your forehead is more comprehensive than your cheeks, resembling a heart, we are talking about a heart-shaped face. In this case, you'd want to balance out the jawline with a pair of earrings that is wider at the bottom. You can counterbalance your chin with, for instance, teardrop earrings (although chandelier earrings will work as long as they are not too much) or any wide-based styles.

Also, try small styles and tiny hoops depending on your own preferences. We recommend trying all of the mentioned styles to see which one suits your characteristics and personality best.

Chandelier Earrings Nickho Rey

Square Shape

Square-shaped faces are mostly known for accentuated and strong jawlines with a broad forehead and hard angles, which you'll want to soften. To be honest, there is not much flexibility to work with here. We recommend opting out for round, curved shapes with no sharp edges since you want to soften and round the edges, so try to thick oval, curvy and straightforward.

Rectangular Shape

Rectangular-shaped faces possess a long, narrow look, even proportions with the same width as the cheekbones and jawline. You'd want to add more width, which means you should avoid studs and dangles. Since the goal is to soften the edges and create more width, try with hoops, oval shapes, or even button earrings.

Button Earrings Nickho Rey

Luckily, a rectangular shape creates a versatile number of options as long as the desired pair will create a fuller effect on your face.

Additional Factors

Matching The Bone Structure

Besides the face shape, you need to match them with your individual bone structure for your earrings to work ultimately.

Primarily, the bone structure defines what size and weight of the earring will fit you best.

  • Small bone structure is usually described as fine; therefore, choose a light, fine, flat, delicate earrings set. Someone who owns a fine bone structure shouldn't opt out for massive and chunky earpiece jewelry.
  • Medium bone structure - As the name suggests, the medium bone structure goes along with medium-sized earrings of moderate weight.
  • Large bone structure - A large bone structure allows heavy and chunky pieces which will suit you perfectly.

Lifestyle and Personality

An important factor while choosing the right pair of earrings is the place you intend on wearing them. If your work environment is an office where you spend most of your time, it's best to opt out for a conservative look and a somewhat classic style while avoiding extravagance, hoops, and chunky pieces.

However, those that spend some time in a looser atmosphere should pick women's demi fine jewelry accordingly; hence this is a place for hoops and wilder styles. Also, it's important what kind of personality you own while deciding on a perfect set of earrings.

Romantic types tend to choose curved and rounded earring shapes because of the femininity they own. However, dramatic and chic types prefer earrings with straight edges. Creative and alternative shapes usually go for a lot of colors.

Classic and natural types lean-to simple and small styles, hoops, button earrings, and nothing too shiny or extravagant.

The Colors

Besides the facial features, deciding on the right pair of earrings is a thing of color. It is essential to know the color of your tan to determine which shade will suit you best. Warm tones like peach and yellow should pick out gold or a copper set.

Having pinkish or blue undertones goes perfectly silver and similar colored materials. Don't forget to match the desired pair of earrings to your outfit and the season.

Nickho Rey Fashion Earrings Jewelry

Whatever pair of earrings you choose, make sure to buy from a trusted supplier and pick out a quality set of earrings. Keep in mind the supply is enormous; therefore, don't forget to read user reviews and opt-out for a certified company.

May 24, 2021 by Marketing Originet

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